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→ Treffpunkt Kasse Kaserne Basel
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How can burning social issues be translated into theatre? 
How does the audience itself become the sensual centre of an issue? How to stage new formats for immersive museums or public spaces?

For 20 years, Stefan Kaegi and his colleagues at Rimini Protokoll have been staging documentary theatre plays, radio plays and urban space productions in a wide variety of constellations, often breaking down economic interdependencies to a human component or luring audiences into the centre of immersive spaces. In Basel, as part of his new production This is not a message (Made in Taiwan), he will provide a deeper insight behind the scenes of his theatre practice, which is constantly developing new formats.

Registration: Admission 10 CHF, registration at r.ladous@kaserne-basel.ch

Venue: mediation room, meeting point: Kaserne Basel box office

Duration of the Workshop: 4 hours incl. break; the workshop is intended to accompany the lecture on 8 March and the play This is not an Embassy (Made in Taiwan) on 8 and 9 March.

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