Artists in Residence

To provide a creative home base as well as exchange and togetherness, the Kaserne offers various residency formats for artists*.

Residencies from Ticino and Western Switzerland

In cooperation with various partners from Western Switzerland and Ticino (LAC Lugano, Théâtre Sévelin 36, Arsenic, L'Abri, Théâtre St-Gervais Genève, Théâtre du Grütli), three-month research residencies take place at the Kaserne. This is intended to promote artistic exchange between different language regions of Switzerland.

Intercontinental residencies

Furthermore, the Kaserne offers three-month international residencies in cooperation with the Liaison Offices of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, which give artists the opportunity to establish new contacts outside their usual context and network.

How to apply for residencies at the Kaserne?

For international artists, applications are made via Pro Helvetia's call for applications (call for applications for the following year is issued in January, closing deadline on March 1). Swiss artists can contact us - we will collect interested applicants for residencies. The selection is the responsibility of the above-mentioned Swiss partner houses in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.

Coordination of residencies: Julia Ritter (Care & Share)

Sebastián Squella

Porträt von Sebastián Squella
Sebastián Squella © Jean Paul Osses

Sebastián Squella is a Chilean theatre maker, writer and director. His work passionately delves into the political and social dimensions of theatre while embarking on a quest for a new language that resonates deeply with him.

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Sebastián Squella is an actor, writer and theater director, currently working as director of the companies "Teatro Perro Muerto" and "Zudamerikan Theater."  Teacher at the University of Valparaiso, previously worked as assistant of Marco layera and participated in the company the "Re-sentida" Also from 2010 to 2021 he co-directed the company Fénix e ilusiones in the penitentiary center Colina 1, a very important work within the prison and community theater in Chile, He also worked between 2010 and 2020 in the ENTEPOLA festival. In his roles as actor, director and student, he has participated in different and important stages, for example Avignon Festival, FIND (Schaubühne) Forum Theatertreffen, Festival Iberoamericano de Cadiz (Spain) Revolutión Festival (Albuquerque, USA) among others.   

For a text by Sebastián Squella about his work on Beyond Democracy and his residency at the Kaserne, click here.

Mayara Yamada

Porträt von Mayara Yamada

Born in Belém do Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon, Mayara Yamada is a visual artist, performer and DJ living in Switzerland. Sometimes she is known also as Marara Kelly, a mysterious party entity.

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Born in Belém do Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon, Mayara Yamada is a visual artist, performer and DJ living in Switzerland
Her research is developed mainly through performance but also includes other mediums such as photography, audiovisual, theater and music. The main themes at the heart of her work address subjects such as autobiography, the study of the body, landscape, memory and the use of pop culture. With a strong interest in researching the history of performance and the many ways in which her work can be developed through this language, she is interested in questioning notions of recording, archiving, reenactment, presence, theatricality and performativity. 
Currently her research intersects her stage-performative practice with her sound practice as a DJ, producing interactions throughout pop culture elements shared in between Brazil and Europe about its specific translations of the pop star figure. 

Renata Carvalho (Santos, São Paulo)

Porträt von Renata Carvalho
© Chico Ludermir

Renata's work deals with our language and one of her key words is "transpology", with which she denounces the social, media and sexualizing constructions about transbodies. A body image that is also shaped by art and toxic, stereotypical and transphobic narratives.

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Renata Carvalho began her path as an activist and volunteer for human rights and LGBTQ+ rights in 2007, when she already had a decade of experience as a theater director. In 2012, she debuted as an actress in the solo play Inside me lives another, in which her body became the subject of study and debate - a perspective that would shape her artistic work from that moment on.

In March 2017, Renata Carvalho founded MONART, Movimento Nacional de Artists Trans, as well as the manifesto Representatividade Trans, Já! - diga SIM ao talento trans, aiming at a collective, solid and inclusive representation of trans artists* in art spaces and ending the practice of "Trans Fake". In the same year, she also founded Coletivo T, the first artist collective composed exclusively of trans artists.

'When we are on a stage, we are confronted with all these prejudices against our bodies, which are still not seen as human bodies, as something natural – it is a body that causes discomfort and that is why it is so difficult for us. People do not believe that a ‘travesti’ is capable of discussing art in an intellectual or purposeful way. We always have to transcend barriers to be regarded as artists and not simply as exotic or folkloric bodies.'

Toan Doan (Ho Chi Minh City)

Porträt von Toan Doan
© Vy Le

Toan Doan is a choreographer and performance-maker based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, keen to explore experimental performances and multidisciplinary collaborations.

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As a performance-maker and choreographer, Toan Doan finds dance at the convergence of community and feminist queer world-making. Toan’s works explore personal/political matters such as gender, violence, loneliness, and belonging. Toan was trained in Yorchha (Contemporary Indian dance) and African-based movement. Born and raised in Quang Ngai, Toan is currently based in Ho Chi Minh city. Here, they have experimented with different modes of performance-making at MoT+++, San Art, A. Farm, Time Between, and the Goethe Institut in solos as well as collaborative projects with other sound, performance, video and visual artists. 
Toan was the 2022 artist-in-residence with MORUA in Hoi An, Vietnam, where they debuted their first ensemble choreographic work “Chiem Bao Thay Minh.” In 2023, Toan’s first film work “Buoyant” will be exhibited as part of the After the Cataclysm, Before the Storm project, organized by Gallery TPW in Toronto, Canada. 

Simon Waldvogel

Porträt von Simon Waldvogel
© Martina Tritten

Simon Waldvogel, a member of the Ticino-based company Colletivo Treppenwitz, is currently developing his latest project in Ba-sel, exploring the theme of coping with grief. Simon's artistic residency is an attempt to ask new questions about the aspects of time. Above all, it is the desire to meet others and find solace in shared experiences while re-searching a new project.

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Simon was born in Grabs, Switzerland, grew up in Lugano and graduated at the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan. He began working as an actor in various theatre productions. Since 2012 he has been a member of the Ricci/Forte ensemble, where he has performed in various productions and toured worldwide. He continues to live and work between Switzerland and Italy, working as a performer with various ensembles. In 2017 he makes his debut as a writer and director with the show "Adios and in the same year he founds Collettivo Treppenwitz together with other artists active in the theatre scene in Italian Switzerland. In 2019 he produces his second show "L'amore is nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills)"; the show is selected as a semi-finalist at  Premio Schweiz 2018 and at the Schweizer Theatertreffen 2020 and goes on tour through Switzerland, Italy and Spain. In 2020, he co-writes and directs "Sciù Sciù - Broken Becomes Beautiful" with Carla Valente, which is awarded the Anna Pancirolli Prize 2020. In 2021 he participates as assistant director in Collettivo Treppenwitz's third production, "KISS!" (Loving Kills), directed by Camilla Parini. In 2022 he participates as assistant director in the LAC Arte e Cultura production "Le relazioni pericolose" directed by Carmelo Rifici and as performer in the production "Amor fugge restando" (Loving Kills) directed by Anahì Traversi. From year 2020 he co-founds a movement called “Ticino is Burning” to tackle the complexities of artistic exchange between Ticino and rest of Switzerland.

Valeriia Temkina (St. Petersburg)

Porträt von Valeriia Temkin

Valeriia Temkina, playwright and screenwriter from St. Petersburg, is working on a new play about Verdingkinder during her residency at Kaserne.

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Valeriia Temkina is a playwright and screenwriter living in St. Petersburg. She writes for various genres, including puppet theater, documentary theater, musicals and animation. During her residency at Kaserne, Valeriia is dealing with a dark chapter of recent Swiss history and works on a play about Verdingkinder. These children, completely without rights, were taken from their homes and forced to work, where they were mistreated and exploited. 
Valeriia's first book of plays, The Magnificent Rain, was published in 2021 in the New Names series. Her second book, (Not) Superfluous Things, will be published this year.

Davide-Christelle Sanvee (Lomé/Genf)

Porträt von Davide-Christelle Sanvee
© Davide-Christelle Sanvee

Davide-Christelle is a visual artist based in Geneva. She uses her body as a tool to reveal spaces and their different ways of reading.

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Davide-Christelle Sanvee (1993, Switzerland/Togo) is a performance artist who focuses on spaces and staging. Investigating invisibility of individuals in public space, she hunts for architectural, behavioural and gestural elements to create scenographies that fully surround her spectators. In order to activate these new spaces Sanvee uses historical, collective memory and performative actions built around political and social realities.

After a bachelor's degree in visuals arts at HEAD - Geneva (2016), she obtained her master's degree at the Sandberg Institut in Amsterdam (2019). She is the winner of the Swiss performance Award 2019 with her performance "Le ich dans nicht".
Appearances (selection): Ways of Reading, E-flux, New-York; Le fond du Ricard, Fondation Ricard, Paris; Le ich dans nicht, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau; Scuzi where is le château, Istituto Svizzero, Roma; Être la forteresse, Belluard Festival, Firbourg, Je suis Pompidou.e.x, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Hiba Mehrez (Damascus/Berlin)

Porträt von Hiba Mehrez
© Boushra Adi

The artistic work of playwright Hiba Mehrez is characterised by her experiences with with physical theatre and considering the body as a political tool. After a long and arduous journey, she has been living in Germany since 2018, travelling between Damascus, Istanbul, Tunis and Berlin. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects invarious roles - as a dramaturge, playwright and theatre educator. In her research Hiba deals with gender issues and intersectional feminism.

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In 2019 Hiba Mehrez was part of the «Stipendiat*innenprogramm Heidelberger Stückemarkt», her play Failed Exercise for Living in Arabic, was released as a radio play in 2020 and in the same year she directed a theatre reading in cooperation with the Barzakh Foundation and the Berlin House of Culture. In 2022 she edited a theatrical podcast about the theatre work and history in Syria for the Kammerspiele in Munich.

«I care about a set of words: freedom, art as a political tool and the ability to always enjoy what I do. I am motivated to provide an intersectional view to all my work.»

The Residency is organized in the frame of the Shifting Places program, initiated by Artlink and supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Shifting Places is an initiative that helps artists affected by war to continue their work in Switzerland.

Géraldine Chollet (Lausanne)

Porträt von Géraldine Chollet
© Philipp Weissbrodt

Through her dance-choreographic practice, Géraldine Chollet creates body-based works that establish sensory experiences.

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Géraldine Chollet trained at the Laban Centre (London). She then has danced with different companies (Cie Jessica Huber, Cie Philippe Saire, Cie Unplush, Cie Prototype-Status). She has also worked as an actress with Cie Emilie Charriot and L'Alakran. Since 2006, she has trained with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance company to teach the Gaga movement language to dance and theatre professionals and amateurs. She teaches at the Manufacture (HETSR) and at the Annexe 36 in Lausanne.

Since 2011, Géraldine Chollet has been developing her own choreographic work with the Cie Rahu LaMo, with the pieces ITMAR (2014), OUVERTURE - a piece for dancers and a wandering audience (2021) and La Kabane (2022).

In parallel to her artistic practice, Géraldine has trained in spiritual counseling in hospitals.

33EMYBW (Shanghai)

Porträt von Shanmin Wu

33EMYBW is the alias of Shanghai based producer Shanmin Wu. Her works flow in the raptures among liminal worlds and sci-fi mediums, excavating biological myths from ancient dreams and ancestral wisdom. Influenced by modern dance music, traditional music styles and visual art, her music is often considered to be a combination of highly personalized low frequency grooves and intricate drum patterns.

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33EMYBW's debut album Golem, released on SVBKVLT, was voted one of the best electronic albums of 2018 by Bandcamp, introducing a wider audience to her self-described ‘limb-dance’ sound.  Sophomore album Arthropods was included in a number of ‘best of 2019’ lists, with Boomkat calling it ‘one of the years defining albums’, and Resident Advisor stating‘From an already bustling Shanghai underground, Arthropods is one of the scene's most original records yet.’ 

At the same time, she also pays attention to Chinese traditional culture. From 2016 to 2019, 33EMYBW planned the project DONG to redisplay the culture of the Dong minority. The project involved field research, music, publishing and exhibition theory. In early 2019, she released Dong 2 on Beijing's Meili Records, a concept album sampling traditional music, sounds and field recordings from the Dong ethnic group in south-west China. 

33EMYBW's performances include the opening of Warehouse Project (Manchester) curated by Aphex Twin, Unsound Festival (Poland), Nyege Nyege Festival (Jinja, Uganda), Soft Center Festival (Sydney) and Recombinant Festival (San Francisco).