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Do you also know this feeling? When you just want to start crying in the face of modern urban planning? We all know the human silhouettes that appear in architects' plans. They are called render ghosts. Seemingly content and purposeful, they live in the worlds created for them. But how do we - the real people - actually feel in public space? What do we feel when we move through concrete and stone deserts, flanked by standardized nature?

In Nah am Wasser gebaut on tour, you'll find out why your feelings are political: The evening is a mix of promotional event, agit-pop and open-ended theater. In response to the insecurities that late capitalism holds for people, the performance group Die Soziale Fiktion invents an un-security service for this evening: the INSECURITY. The INSECURITY uncovers a secret that everyone knows about, but no one talks about. The INSECURITY is lonely, exhausted and lazy. The INSECURITY does not know the solution, but it knows the problem. The INSECURITY comes and goes through the public places in the city. The INSECURITY has brought something for you. To touch and try out.

Treibstoff Theatertage

Duration: 80 Minutes



Felix Worpenberg, Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher

Artistic Direction 

Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher

Co-Direction & Graphic Design  

Adele*Mike Dittrich Frydetzki

Scenography Objects 

Laura Knüsel 

Scenography Stage 

Klara Lyssy


Harm Coordes, Merle Richter

Video Documentation 

Kristina Dreit

Collaboration Video

Charlotte Elsa Grief

Artistic Collaboration Final Rehearsing 

Ömer Bayram


Felix Worpenberg

Thanks to 

Adam Erdmann, Charlotte Lauber