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→ Kunstraum Amore

Starsign Screenings and the Kaserne present prior to the solo "Manifesto Transpofagico" by Renata Carvalho, her film "Corpo sua autobiografia" at Kunstraum Amore (Sperrstrasse 2).

Corpo sua autobiografia is a documentary that shows a body in social and family isolation, but the distancing is not caused by the coronavirus, but by being a travesti. Renata Carvalho is a character of herself, her voice tells us the historicity / transcestrality of her body and the structural transphobia, aiming at the social, mediatic, criminal, sexualized and pathological construction of travesti corporeality and identity.

The film discusses the construction of the common-sense imagery of what it means to be a travesti. Where art and artists were also responsible for building this imagery, with their addicted, stereotyped, derogatory and recreational narratives with the practice of Trans Fake (cisgender actors who play trans people), and how this practice affects travesti bodies in the day-to-day life and in all social spheres.
Duration: 41 Min.



Renata Carvalho


Edu Luz, Cibele Appes


Cibele Appes


Renata Carvalho