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Renata Carvalho's performances have caused quite a stir on many stages, bravely exposing the manipulative tactics of religious and fun-damentalist interest groups. For eleven years, she worked as a volunteer for the prevention of STDs, hepatitis and tuberculosis among cross-dressed sex workers and transwomen in São Paulo. Her performance Manifesto Transpofágico delves into the diverse concep-tions surrounding trans bodies, dismantling the sexualisation, stereotypes, structural tran-sphobia, criminalisation and violence that un-justly plague the travesti-corporeality and identity. 

Duration: approx. 100 minutes

Q&A after the presentation 28.09.



Renata Carvalho began her path as an activist and volunteer for human rights and LGBTQ+ rights in 2007, when she already had a decade of experience as a theater director. In 2012, she debuted as an actress in the solo play Inside me lives another, in which her body became the subject of study and debate - a perspective that would shape her artistic work from that moment on.

In March 2017, Renata Carvalho founded MONART, Movimento Nacional de Artists Trans, as well as the manifesto Representatividade Trans, Já! - diga SIM ao talento trans, aiming at a collective, solid and inclusive representation of trans artists* in art spaces and ending the practice of "Trans Fake". In the same year, she also founded Coletivo T, the first artist collective composed exclusively of trans artists.

'When we are on a stage, we are confronted with all these prejudices against our bodies, which are still not seen as human bodies, as something natural – it is a body that causes discomfort and that is why it is so difficult for us. People do not believe that a ‘travesti’ is capable of discussing art in an intellectual or purposeful way. We always have to transcend barriers to be regarded as artists and not simply as exotic or folkloric bodies.'


Dramaturgy and Performance

Renata Carvalho


Luiz Fernando Marques (Lubi)


Wagner Antônio

German surtitles

SUBTEXT, Dóra Kapusta

Translation Talk

Jô Osbórnia


Cecília Lucchesi 

Light and Editing

Juliana Augusta

Production of

Corpo Rastreado (São Paulo)

Co-production with 

dem Risco Festival (São Paulo); MITsp - Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo und Corpo Rastreado (São Paulo)