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They're everywhere and they're on the increase - idiots! Whether in the office, in the neighbourhood, on the road or in politics, idiots make our lives difficult. How do we deal with the idiots in our everyday lives? How much tolerance for the intolerant? When do we have to set boundaries and when do we have to jump over our own shadow? What can we do to avoid becoming an idiot ourselves?

BASEL DEBATES #8 invites you to a discussion about how to deal with the people we tolerate the worst. Peter Maurer (ex-president of the ICRC), Manja Präkels (author & musician) and Gerold Dünki (ex-security officer of FC Basel) will discuss troublemakers, political enemies and morons. Moderated by the cultural scientist Rahel Leupin and the political scientist Tobias Hagmann.


Basel Debates

BASEL DEBATES ist eine innovative Debattenreihe an der Schnittstelle zwischen Kultur und Politik. Gäste und Publikum diskutierten gemeinsam und suchen alltagstaugliche Lösungen. BASEL DEBATES wird von Public Culture Lab kuratiert und von der Kaserne Basel und swisspeace BASEL DEBATES is an innovative series of debates at the interface between culture and politics. Guests and audience discuss together and look for solutions suitable for everyday life. BASEL DEBATES is curated by Public Culture Lab and co-produced by Kaserne Basel and swisspeace.



Veronika Mutalova

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swisspeace, Kaserne Basel, Public Culture Lab GmbH

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Peter Maurer, Manja Präkels und Gerold Dünki


Rahel Leupin and Tobias Hagman