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Drag King Workshop by Marilyn Nova White / Saturday 02.03.24 11:00 a.m.

Are you interested in being a Drag King, but don't know exactly how to start? Already doing drag and want to improve your drag king skills? Welcome to the Drag King Workshop! Get in touch with the art of drag, get a taste of it & go "typically male". We will bring your own Drag King character to life in a playful, informal and stylish way. Through our analysis of stereotypes, restyling, make-up, beard gluing, gesture and voice exercises, you will experience a different way of dealing with gender (social gender). The beard is in place, the hairstyle holds: Freshly styled, we're off to new shores - together we'll embark on a journey beyond gender boundaries.

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Lecture by Rimini Protokoll "Of transplanted experts & remote-controlled spectators" / Friday 08.03.24 05:00 p.m.

How does artificial intelligence guide a horde of 50 spectators through Milan or Buenos Aires? Where in your living room can Europe be understood in parliamentary terms? Why can global arms trade be understood via ipads in a film set? When do 100 city dwellers selected according to statistical criteria form a parliament on stage? What if art does not imitate nature for once, but enables us to experience it differently?
Stefan Kaegi will show and comment on videos of interactive theatre works and urban interventions by the Berlin label Rimini Protokoll.

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How can burning social issues be translated into theatre? 
How does the audience itself become the sensual centre of an issue? How to stage new formats for immersive museums or public spaces?

Workshop by Rimini Protokoll on documentary work / Saturday 09.03.24 02:00 p.m.

For 20 years, Stefan Kaegi and his colleagues at Rimini Protokoll have been staging documentary theatre plays, radio plays and urban space productions in a wide variety of constellations, often breaking down economic interdependencies to a human component or luring audiences into the centre of immersive spaces. In Basel, as part of his new production This is not a message (Made in Taiwan), he will provide a deeper insight behind the scenes of his theatre practice, which is constantly developing new formats.

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Guided tours

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Behind-the-scene glimpses of a cultural institution:
Behind the scenes at Kaserne Basel, a diverse group of professionals work all day and quite often at night to provide artists with the op-portunity to do what they do best and to en-sure unforgettable live experiences for the audiences. Beyond the captivating perfor-mances, what are the day-to-day operations of a live venue? How do you put together a thea-tre, dance and music programme? What mod-ern technology is hidden behind the historic walls of Kaserne Basel? How has Kaserne Basel developed over the last four decades? On a guided tour of the premises, you will get to see Kaserne Basel and the site, including the newly opened kHaus, from a completely new perspective.

We offer:
- guidances for different groups (for ex. schools, universities, companys etc.)
- guidances with with different focuses (for ex. technic, theater/dance, music, jobs, architecture etc.)
- guidances in German, Englisch or French
- compatibility options (for ex. with a theatre or concert visit, aperitif, etc.)

Costs: upon request (depending on the length and effort)