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Szenenfoto mit Kindern auf der Bühne
© Donata Ettlin

Family performances

Kids take note!

You urgently need a break from your parents and want to play and have fun with like-minded people? Then you've come to the right place. While your parents visit a performance, you can play, do handicrafts, romp and chill.

Dear parents
On four Sundays during the season, we have already set the start of the performances to 4 pm. At the same time, we offer free childcare for kids between the ages of three and ten.

Please register in advance by e-mail at so that we have enough childcare staff on site.

We are happy to be able to offer childcare together with the neighborhood meeting point Kasernentreff and SpielEstrich.

Meeting point is half an hour before the performance at the box office of the Kaserne Basel.

After four great performances with childcare, that's it for the season. As soon as we have the dates for the next season, we will let you know here.

However, the quickest way to get the information is to join the family group on telegram or the family mailing list.

You can register for this below.

Children's concert

Our children's concert series enters its second round on March 23 at 3 pm. This time, please fasten your seatbelts: Laurent & Max. One with tattoos and a scraped knee, the other in a vintage jacket and striped socks. Equipped with a box drum, guitar and many years of experience in numerous other bands (including Faber), the two Hallodris get every child's (and parent's) hand clapping and lovingly turn Born to be Wild, for example, into: S'Mami häts gseit. As a little special, the Zurich-based duo bring along other guests and expand the duo into a real band.

We recommend ages 6 and up.

And another little tip: after the concert, you can linger a few doors down at Kafi Hü while the children let off steam in the play area.

Our Telegram Channel for Families

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Children's shirts

From now on, the Kaserne children's shirts are no longer only available at family performances. They can be bought at the box office at every performance. Alternatively, you can buy them online and pick them up at the box office. Just click here.