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Recha la Dous
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Behind-the-scene glimpses of a cultural institution:
Behind the scenes at Kaserne Basel, a diverse group of professionals work all day and quite often at night to provide artists with the op-portunity to do what they do best and to en-sure unforgettable live experiences for the audiences. Beyond the captivating perfor-mances, what are the day-to-day operations of a live venue? How do you put together a thea-tre, dance and music programme? What mod-ern technology is hidden behind the historic walls of Kaserne Basel? How has Kaserne Basel developed over the last four decades? On a guided tour of the premises, you will get to see Kaserne Basel and the site, including the newly opened kHaus, from a completely new perspective.

We offer:
- guidances for different groups (for ex. schools, universities, companys etc.)
- guidances with with different focuses (for ex. technic, theater/dance, music, jobs, architecture etc.)
- guidances in German, Englisch or French
- compatibility options (for ex. with a theatre or concert visit, aperitif, etc.)

Costs: upon request (depending on the length and effort)