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Schriftzug Trauma Eartheater Anna Uddenberg

Information: Admission with ticket only, limited remaining tickets at the box office.

During Art Basel, Trauma unveils a seminal performance piece, showcasing an ongoing, interdisciplinary creative exchange between Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg and American musician Eartheater at Kaserne Basel. This collaborative showcase departed from an interweaving of the provocative visual themes of Uddenberg’s sculpture Climber (pierced rosebud) — a striking commentary on hyper-sexualization in consumer culture and the increasingly blurred lines between authenticity and fabrication — with the avant-garde musical expressions of Eartheater.

A manifestation of Uddenberg’s canonical artistic practice, stage elements combine features of various sculptural works, with Eartheater, for the very first time, assuming the role of an animated iteration — becoming the embodiment of the work’s central discourse. The performance is set to challenge and expand the audience’s perceptions of the intersections between contemporary art and music, presenting a compelling, multi-sensory experience that questions traditional artistic boundaries.

About Trauma

TRAUMA (Trauma Bar und Kino), established in 2018 in Berlin, is a project that blends contemporary art, performance, music, and club culture. A significant platform for artistic dialogue and experimentation worldwide, it has since hosted over 600 artists.




Performance Concept + Production

Leonardo Liccini, Madalina Stanescu, Kyle Van Horn, Troels Primdahl


Billy Lobos

Anna Uddenberg Studio Manager

Sally von Rosen

 Artwork Promo

Eddie Mandell