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Foto von Yves Regenass, Dorian Sari, Barbara Ellenberger und Marcel Schwald

In the vote on 27 November 2022, the people of Basel accepted the counterproposal to the Climate Justice Initiative. This proposal stipulates that greenhouse gas emissions in the canton of Basel-Stadt must be reduced to net zero in all sectors of the administration by 2030, and in all other areas by 2037 – including art and culture. But where do we stand right now? What has happened so far?

In the film What are we doing? Art in the Face of Climate Change (2023), artist Dorian Sari and activists from Climate Strike Switzerland meet with the directors of Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel, as well as the then-president of the canton, Beat Jans. They discuss the question of what museums are capable of contributing to climate protection.

At the t.Stammtisch special, as part of the international Theaterfestival Basel, we will present this insightful film and attempt to transfer the discussion to the Basel theatre scene. What role does climate protection play in institutions, festivals, cultural funding, and among theatre creators themselves? What responsibility does culture bear for climate protection? What is needed for our sector to effectively work towards achieving the goals of the Climate Justice Initiative?

The t.Stammtisch aims to be a dialogue on equal footing, inviting all present to participate in the exchange. Experts will be present to contribute to the discussion and share their extensive experiences.

As part of Theaterfestival Basel.

Moderation: Yves Regenass, Dorian Sari, Barbara Ellenberger (Alumni Creative Climate Leadership Programme Switzerland 2024 by Julie’s Bicycle) and Marcel Schwald (t.Punkt Basel)