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→ Fully booked Meeting Point kHaus, Kasernenhof 8, 40458 Basel
Porträt von Sebastián Squella
Sebastián Squella © Jean Paul Osses

Sebastián Squella is a Chilean theatre-maker, writer and director. Continuing his enduring exploration of democracy, his latest creation does not feature any actors. Without any ap-pointed representatives, the audience is en-trusted with the responsibility of representing the work. How? Which words are spoken on stage? What will be the result Sebastián Squella’s three-month residency in Basel? We invite you to come and explore democra-cy, the current crisis of representation and the perils of not challenging the current state of democracy. 

For a text by Sebastián Squella about his work on Beyond Democracy and his residency at the Kaserne, click here.

Duration: 80 min (with an open conversation for those who wish to stay afterwards)

Event fully booked