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→ Meeting point: Kasernenhof 8 (entrance kHaus)
→ Meeting point: Kasernenhof 8 (entrance kHaus)
Porträt von Patricija Bronić

KLAPA invites you to come along and sing and spend some time together. Patricija Bronić and a newly formed choir are dedicated to researching a cappella songs from Dalmatia. Klapa singing is a communal art form. Mostly in a singing group of friends who spend time together. The choir extends an invitation to join them for two evenings of singing, conversation and companionship, thus sharing this special musical experience with you. No prior knowledge required, just a desire for community and a curiosity for new sounds. 

Duration: 120 min. choir rehearsal followed by a chat
Meeting point: Kasernenhof 8 (entrance courtyard side kHaus)

Tassos Tataroglou, Sanja Lukanović, Ursula Dolički, Patricja Katica Bronić, Luka Zimmer, Jonas Rhonheimer