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→ Klara Probebühne (Clarastrasse 13)
"That night Marara Kelly played in my town", 2022 © Vitória Leona

You've been coming to my parties, I've been appearing in your dreams (work in progress) 

Born in Belém do Pará in the Brazilian Amazon, Mayara Yamada is a Swiss-based artist, performer and DJ. In the Marara Kelly Art Show series, she combines her stage performance with her sound practice as a DJ by exploring the world of pop and kitsch, the figure of the pop star, and sacred and profane elements of celebration in Brazil. During the residency at Kaserne Basel, she develops a new manifestation of the Enchanted Beings Marara Kelly, which explores a theme not yet explored in her universe: resting. How can celebration and rest be combined? What happens to the body of the revelers after the party? Mayara and Marara delve into the subject through a hammock, which can also be a boat, a dolphin or a predatory fishing net.

Location: Klara, Clarastrasse 13