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© Muriel Hardt

Are you interested in being a Drag King, but don't know exactly how to start? Already doing drag and want to improve your drag king skills? Welcome to the Drag King Workshop! Get in touch with the art of drag, get a taste of it & go "typically male". We will bring your own Drag King character to life in a playful, informal and stylish way. Through our analysis of stereotypes, restyling, make-up, beard gluing, gesture and voice exercises, you will experience a different way of dealing with gender (social gender). The beard is in place, the hairstyle holds: Freshly styled, we're off to new shores - together we'll embark on a journey beyond gender boundaries.

Please bring your own clothes, shoes, accessories, something to fill out your trousers (e.g. socks) and something to tie up your breasts (e.g. binders, kinesiology tape, gauze bandages). If you like, you can also bring a make-up mirror and/or make-up utensils.

Meeting point: Klara, Clarastrasse 13


Marilyn Nova White (no pronouns or they/them) is a multidisciplinary performance artist from Berlin with a background in dance, acting, hula hoop and drag kinging. In 2012 Marilyn completed a degree in theatre pedagogy BuT at the Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg. For Marilyn, drag kinging is an expressive, empowering and diverse medium in which Marilyn can rediscover herself and the participants again and again!