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© Lukas Stäuble

Clubbing is a holiday from yourself. The tools: dancing, drugs, ecstasy. But disconnecting from the world is not just an end in itself - we club to tell stories about it later. Pulsating lights and intoxicating music open up a world in which people from different backgrounds, lifestyles and social status come together - creating a feeling of togetherness for one night and beyond.  With Tales of the Club, Lukas Stäuble and his diverse team of DJs, visual artists and performers explore the community of nightlife. The audience becomes part of this community, entering an interdisciplinary salon that interweaves music, text, performance and video to tell the story of a night. With: Lou Haltinner, Elif Karci, Anselm Müllerschön, Harumi Mumenthaler, Mirco Joao-Pedro, Gomorra and Kathy Karaba.


Lukas Stäuble, born 1993, lives and works in Basel. Bachelor's degree in fine arts at the Bern University of the Arts. He deals with current media and tries to combine areas such as video, sound, photography, performance and theatre in an installative and partly performative way.



Lukas Stäuble


Robin Nidecker


Mirco Joao-Pedro


Ann Mayer


Marie Matusz


Lou Haltinner, Elif Karci, Anselm Müllerschön, Harumi Mumenthaler