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What is it like to be a man in the present? Tough guy or sensitive dad? Torn between the role models of the past and the demands of the future, being a man in the present is complicated and increasingly contradictory. The more modern norms of masculinity - be an empathetic conversationalist, team-orientated employee, committed dad, sensitive lover! - have not replaced the old ideal of the always capable "breadwinner", but merely supplemented it. Despite changes, images of strength, superiority, sovereignty and power are still prevalent and often result in violence or even war. The greater the crisis, the more reflexive the call for "strong men".

But how does sustainable manhood work? How do we find our way out of the prevailing ideologies of masculinity? What can men do to loosen the corset of masculinity? Psychologist and author Markus Theunert has been working and researching questions of masculinity for many years. In his new book Jungs, wir schaffen das. A compass for men today, he shows how male emancipation could succeed. He will be presenting his book at the feminist salon and discussing his theories with Franziska Schutzbach.

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feministischer salon

Once a month, intellectual, provocative, political, funny, radical, racism-critical, affective and thought-provoking evenings on queer_feminist topics are organised. The Salon is a meeting point and gathering place for current issues and topics, often in connection with and always as an enrichment of the feminist programme at the Kaserne Basel. The series is curated by Katha Baur,


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Katha Baur, Caroline Faust, Franca Schaad and Franziska Schutzbach


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