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From nursery school to primary school, from vocational education to higher education, we are faced with structural racism every day of our lives. How can young people be taught in a racially-critical way in racially-sensitive schools? 

Mani Owzar and Rahel El-Maawi, the co-authors of the book No to Racism, will read from their work and discuss further questions. 

Duration: 90 minutes

feministischer salon

Once a month, intellectual, provocative, political, funny, radical, critical of racism, affective and thoughtful evenings on queer_feminist topics are organised. The salon is a meeting point and gathering place for current questions and topics, often in connection with and always as an enrichment of the feminist programme at the Kaserne Basel. The series is curated by Katha Baur, Caroline Faust, Franca Schaad and Franziska Schutzbach.



Mani Owzar und Rahel El-Maawi

By and with

Katha Baur, Caroline Faust, Franca Schaad und Franziska Schutzbach


Kaserne Basel

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Christoph Merian Stiftung