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Porträt von Prof. Dr. Brigitte Röder

The prehistorian Prof Dr Brigitte Röder (University of Basel) uses the example of Iron Age ceremonial tombs to show how strongly today's gender clichés shape the view of gender roles in prehistory. Although the tombs are built and furnished in the same way regardless of the sex of the buried, they are interpreted with two different (gender) standards: while the men are imagined as rulers, the women buried with the same splendour are at best granted the ‘power of beauty’. Many researchers apparently find it difficult to imagine that women could also be endowed with political and religious power. A critical gender perspective changes the picture. Röder shows that men have not occupied positions of power ‘since time immemorial’.

Lecture: Brigitte Röder
Moderation: Franziska Schutzbach

The event is being organised in cooperation with the Swiss Feminist Science Association (FemWiss).

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Once a month, intellectual, provocative, political, funny, radical, racism-critical, affective and thought-provoking evenings on queer_feminist topics are organised. The Salon is a meeting point and gathering place for current issues and topics, often in connection with and always as an enrichment of the feminist programme at the Kaserne Basel. The series is curated by Katha Baur, Caroline Faust, Franca Schaad and Franziska Schutzbach. 


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