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Weisser Strich am Boden inmitten der Besucher:innen
© Veronika Mutalova

Nothing is as exciting and exhausting as being young. Why do adults think they are better? How should I communicate with older people? What is expected of me? How much responsibility do I have to take on? How do I form an opinion? What is my path between expectations and my own will?

BASEL DEBATES #7 invites you to a discussion about growing up with the guests Leila Šurković (musician), Flavien Gousset (campaigner), Fina Girard (member of the Grand Council) and Dominik Muheim (poetry slammer). Moderated by cultural scientist Rahel Leupin, political scientist Tobias Hagmann and the students Noa Brodbeck and Lena Metzler.

Discussion in Swiss German


Über Basel Debates

BASEL DEBATES is an innovative series of debates at the interface between culture and politics. Guests and audience discuss together and look for solutions suitable for everyday life. BASEL DEBATES is curated by Public Culture Lab and co-produced by Kaserne Basel and swisspeace.



Veronika Mutalova

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swisspeace, Kaserne Basel, Public Culture Lab GmbH

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Christoph Merian Foundation


Leila Šurković, Flavien Gousset, Fina Girard and Dominik Muheim


Rahel Leupin and Tobias Hagman

Leila Šurković
Dominik Muheim (c) Alexandra Theiler
Flavien Gousset
Fina Girard