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Weisser Strich am Boden inmitten der Besucher:innen
© Veronika Mutalova

Welcome to Switzerland! The country where the Waschtag is sacred and the Altpapier neatly bundled. Where the natives always carry their Halbtax and never disclose their salary. But why are Swiss people so "bünzlig"? Or are they less odd than their image?  

Join us for BASEL DEBATES #5, a frank discussion on Swiss peculiarities and how to deal with them. Together with our guests Güzin Kar (author and film director), Moritz Ege (anthropologist), Michelle Kalt (comedian) and Brigitta Bende (psychiatrist), we will discuss the weird and not-so-weird sides of Switzerland. Whether you're a local, expat or inbetweener: let's open our minds and share our experiences. In other words, let's be Unswiss.

BASEL DEBATES is an innovative series of debates asking pointed questions at the interface between culture and politics. Guests and audience are invited for an evening of joint discussion, reflection and problem-solving. BASEL DEBATES is curated by Public Culture Lab and co-produced by Kaserne Basel and swisspeace.

Debate in English. 
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Duration: 90-120 minutes, afterwards bar

About Basel Debates

BASEL DEBATES is a joint event series by Kaserne Basel, swisspeace and Public Culture Lab. It poses pointed questions that concern us and Basel, Switzerland and the world. In discussion with artists, scientists, experts and the audience, we seek and develop approaches to solutions and burst filter bubbles.

Behind the Public Culture Lab are the cultural scientist Rahel Leupin and the political scientist Tobias Hagmann. As the initiators of BASEL DEBATES and as the moderating duo, they will lead us through the season with four concentrated talks.



Veronika Mutalova

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swisspeace, Kaserne Basel, Public Culture Lab GmbH

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Christoph Merian Stiftung


Güzin Kar, Moritz Ege, Michelle Kalt, Brigitta Bende 


Rahel Leupin and Tobias Hagmann

Michelle Kalt
Moritz Ege
Güzin Kar © Melek Kaya
Brigitta Bende