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© Eliane Bertschi

The mountain is moving. Usually impercepti-ble, but occasionally very quickly. And when uncovering the layers amassed over millions of years, we are reminded that these masses of rock we call mountains were once the ocean. z’Berg is an audio-visual installation that takes visitors on a journey through the stage space. A space of distinct temporality that invites us to bask in introspection, whilst sharing the experience with others and a large inflatable sculpture. 

Treibstoff Theatertage

Admission: Limited number of seats, early reservation is recommended
Duration: 45min (no break)
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Concept, Szenography, Performance 

Annatina Huwiler

Video and Dramaturgy 

Eliane Bertschi


Luz González


Denise Hasler


Ramón Königshausen

Thanks to 

Lucie Tuma, Kathrin Yvonne Bigler, Luca Ribler, Hannah Borer, Joa Schmied, Fabrizia Flühler, Nordhang, Drehtag, Robair Gleitschirmschule, GC Spitzmeilen, Albert Heim Hütte, Bühnentechnik und Werkstätten ZHDKAudiovisuelle Installation/Performance